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Streets Sales Tax

On August 6, 2002, voters approved a 3/8 cent sales tax for streets, bridges, culverts and traffic signals. The sales tax lasted five years, beginning January 1, 2004 and ending December 31, 2008. The sales tax funded these projects:

Street Improvement
Santa Fe/McCoy Street from 23rd Street to Santa Fe Park

Safety Enhancements
23rd Street and Noland Road turn lanes

On August 7, 2007 voters approved a one-half of one cent sales tax for streets, bridges and safety improvements for an 11-year period beginning January 1, 2009 and ending on December 31, 2019. A total of $101,200,000 will be spent on the following projects:

11-Year Overlay Program
550 miles of streets will be repaved.
(Cost: $72,000,000)

2013 Asphalt Overlay Program
Click to view a listing of streets to be milled and paved this year:
View 2013 Street Overlay Program List

Bridges and Culverts
Two deteriorated bridges and culverts will be replaced or repaired.
(Cost: $2,600,000)
Bly Road bridge south of Bundschu
Claremont culvert south of Truman

Street Improvements
(Cost: $14,700,000)
39th Street, Noland Road to Crysler Avenue (Partial Project Funding)
Jackson Drive (Partial Project Funding)
32nd Street, 291 Highway to Van Hook Park
35th St, Noland Road to Crysler Avenue
Little Blue Parkway (Partial Project Funding)
Alley Rehabilitation (approximately 70 locations)

Intersection Improvements
(Cost: $2,600,000)
Various intersections with concrete surfacing.

Safety Enhancements
(Cost: $4,300,000)
Blue Mills Road turn lane at 24 Highway
Salisbury Road - 291 Highway to one mile east
School zone signalizations
35th Street and Phelps Road intersection signal
Noland Road and Fair intersection signal

Sidewalks to Schools
(Cost: $2,000,000)
Kingshighway at Hanthorn School
Truman Road at Spring Branch School
Cedar at Fairmount School
Speck Road at middle schools
Nickell and McCoy at the Truman Library Campus
25th Terrace at North Rock Creek School
Crackerneck at William Yates School
E. 36th Terrace at Nativity School

Sidewalks to Parks
(Cost: $1,000,000)
Salisbury, Jennings to Athletic Sports Complex
Norledge and Arlington to Fairmount Park
35th Street and Sterling to Firehouse Park
Hedges and 24th Street to Rotary Park
Crackerneck to Glendale Park

Snow Removal/Street Maintenance Staffing
(Cost: $2,000,000)
Maintenance operations funding will be supplemented to add a maintenance crew for snow removal and other street repairs during the final seven years of the program.

Street Oversight Committee
The Street Improvement Oversight Committee, made up of unpaid volunteers, is responsible for monitoring the expenditures of the Streets Sales Tax. The committee makes formal reports to the City Council at least twice a year.

Street Improvement Oversight Committee Members:
Doug Ault
Bill Baker
Erin Boatright
Paul Newberry
Peterson, Katy
Gloria Smith
Watkins, Tim

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