Public Works



A street cut occurs anytime the driving surface (pavement) has to be cut into and removed. This can be a large area such as the installation of a new water main under the street, or a small area such as a utility repair.


Street Cuts

A street opening permit must be obtained for all street cuts. The permit is $35 and the inspection fee is $35. Only utilities and licensed plumbers may perform street cuts. Permits may be obtained at the Public Works Department on the third floor of City Hall. For more information, call (816) 325-7781 or email



It is the policy of Public Works to attempt to repair every reported pothole on City-maintained streets within one business day of receiving notification. This is not always possible due to inclement weather and the availability of materials. When leaving a message on the Pothole Hotline (816) 325-7624, please give the exact location of the pothole, the nearest cross street, and your name and phone number so that we may contact you if we have problems locating it.


Snow Removal

Streets are divided into four categories: first, second and third priority, and residential. Priority streets are treated or plowed during all storms until safe driving conditions are achieved.

First Priority streets move traffic in and out of the city, lead to and from hospitals or places for food and shelter, and are avenues for emergency vehicles. All crews are responsible for keeping these streets open throughout the storm and will not be sent to Second Priority streets until the First Priority streets are safe for travel.

Second Priority streets are through housing additions leading to or crossing the First Priority streets. This pattern places most citizens within three blocks or less of a street that has been opened or treated within a reasonable length of time, depending on conditions.

Third Priority streets are residential streets that have known problems such as steep hills and bad intersections or dead end streets with a hill and only one way out.

First, Second and Third Priority streets are treated or plowed during every snow or ice storm. Residential streets are plowed or treated only during the regular work day unless it is an ice storm or there has been more than four inches of snowfall.

For more information call (816) 325-7627.


Some streets within the city are private. They belong to the business or housing development and are not maintained by the City.

In addition, streets such as 23rd Street, which is actually Missouri Highway 78, are not maintained by the City. The Missouri State Highway Department (MODot) is responsible for all snow removal, traffic signals, potholes and right-of-way clean up on roadways such as Highways 291, 24, 40 and 78, and Interstate 70.  MODot also maintains Truman Road, Missouri Highway 12, from Spring to the west city limits.



Public Works Street Maintenance sweeps all curbed streets at least once a year. Business districts are swept weekly. Non-curbed streets are swept on request only as time allows. IT IS AGAINST CITY CODE TO RAKE LEAVES INTO THE STREET.


Signs, Signals and Striping

Public Works Street Maintenance repairs and replaces all City-owned regulatory, warning and informational signs.  To report a damaged or missing sign, call (816) 325-7627.

Traffic signals and street lights are maintained by the Power & Light Department. To report a malfunctioning traffic signal, call (816) 325-7500. To report a street light out, call Power & Light at (816) 325-7535.

Street Maintenance crews paint center lines, edge lines, crosswalks, stop bars, turn arrows and railroad crossings. 


A street closure may be necessary for repairs to the pavement, utility work, commercial construction projects or a block party.


Street Closures

A permit is required for all street closures including those that only block a portion of the street, such as placing a temporary trash dumpster for construction waste. The permit is $25 and may be obtained from the Public Works Department on the third floor of City Hall.



There are two ways to apply for a Right-Of-Way permit.

  1. Come in to our office and fill out an application.
  2. Apply for a permit online by clicking here.