Public Works


What is the Right-of-Way?

As a general rule of thumb, the right-of-way can be estimated to extend 11 feet from the back of the curb or edge of the street pavement. However, to determine the actual right-of-way on a particular property you need to check Jackson County property records and/or do a survey. While the property owner is required to maintain this area, the City has the responsibility to ensure appropriate and safe use of the right-of-way. For example, sight obstructions, signs and basketball goals are not allowed.


It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain a safe walking surface on sidewalks adjacent to their property. The City requires the owner or occupant of a house with a sidewalk to maintain the sidewalk at the established grade of the sidewalk, not above or below the established grade. Sidewalks must be kept in good order and clear of ice, snow, dirt or other substances that obstruct or render the sidewalk dangerous. If sidewalks are unsafe the property owner may be required to obtain a right-of-way permit and make repairs to bring the sidewalk back into compliance with city code. For more information on sidewalk requirements please email


There are two types of curbs: roll-back and square-back. Most areas have roll-back curbs. Some areas have no curbs at all. Curbs are not part of the street and therefore are the responsibility of the property owner to maintain.

Working in the Right-of-Way

A permit must be obtained for any work performed in the right-of-way. For example, replacing a sidewalk, curb, driveway or driveway pipe all require a permit. Right-of-Way permits are charged by individual location, or per 200 linear feet of work. Permit fees are $40 for the application, and $40 for the inspection. For information, call (816) 325-7781 or (816) 325-7594, or email

Apply for a Right-of-Way Permit

There are two ways to apply for a Right-Of-Way Permit.

  1. Come in to the Public Works office at City Hall and fill out an application
  2. Download and print an application and bring it to the Public Works office at City Hall.
  3. Apply online

Here's a document so you may review the General Standards of Right-of-Way.

What are Utility Easements?

These are areas where a utility (ex: Power & Light, Missouri Gas Energy, etc.) has permission to enter a property to maintain utility lines. A utility easement may or may not be in the right-of-way. For more information, contact the specific utility.

Clean Up

Public Works Street Maintenance picks up trash that has been illegally dumped in the street and tree limbs that fall into the street. It's important to clean up the trash quickly before it attracts further dumping or causes an accident. If you catch a dumper in the act, call the Police Department at 325-7960.