City of Independence, Missouri

Public Safety Advisory Issued

The National Weather Service is expecting a winter storm to arrive in the Independence area Tuesday morning with high accumulations of snow, very cold temperatures, and strong winds. The City of Independence is issuing a Public Safety Advisory to all residents.

Citizens are urged to limit travel as much as possible. During heavy snowfall, road crews will be challenged to keep streets plowed for safe travel.

If at all possible, do not park vehicles on the street. Snow plows will be working steadily to keep the streets cleared for emergency vehicles. If parking on the street is unavoidable, vehicles should be parked along the north side of east-west streets or along the west side of north-south streets.

In some locations, cars parked along the street will not allow snow plows access into the neighborhood and street crews will have to bypass that area and go to the next.

Independence Police anticipate an increase in motor vehicle accidents due to hazardous driving conditions. If you are involved in an accident, call (816) 325-7300 to report it. If there are no injuries and the vehicles are driveable, exchange name and insurance information and walk the report in to the police station at a later time. If there are injuries, or if the accident is blocking the road, call police immediately and wait for emergency personnel to respond.

A high accumulation of snow and drifting of snow will likely cover neighborhood fire hydrants, obscuring them from fire crews. Never park next to any fire hydrant, and if possible, shovel snow away from hydrants so it can be quickly located by emergency personnel in case of fire.