City of Independence, Missouri

City of Independence begins proactive inspections of storm and sanitary sewers

The City of Independence Water Pollution Control Department (WPC) has begun conducting inspections of non-residential facilities to determine compliance with the City’s storm water and sanitary sewer codes.

“We are utilizing our staff to proactively go out into the community to look for issues that could negatively impact our storm and sanitary sewer systems before a problem occurs,” Water Pollution Control Director Lisa Phelps said. “This program began earlier this year and has allowed us to work with peers in Community Development and Public Works, to provide outreach to our citizens and business owners. The goal of these efforts is to protect the environment, public health, and improve the efficiency of the City’s sewer infrastructure.”

As part of this effort, WPC is looking for improper storage of potentially hazardous materials and/or disposal processes that could harm the environment or public health.

Additionally, WPC has begun routine inspections of businesses (primarily restaurants) through a Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) program. The purpose of the FOG program is to ensure that businesses are properly cleaning and maintaining their grease interceptors. Proper maintenance of these devices reduces sanitary sewer overflows and backups, as well as reducing the cost of wastewater treatment. 

So far this calendar year, 264 site inspections have been conducted that resulted in 47 corrective actions.

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