City of Independence, Missouri

Independence Fire Department Improves to ISO Class 2 Rating

(INDEPENDENCE, Mo.) Friday, May 9, 2014 – The Independence Fire Department has achieved a Class 2 Rating from the ISO Public Protection Classification (PPC) program. Of approximately 47,000 rated fire departments in the United States, less than 810, or 1.55%, are rated Class 2 or better. Independence joins only 10 other fire departments in the state of Missouri with a Class 2 rating.

“To receive a city-wide ISO rating of 2 is a significant achievement,” said Mayor Eileen Weir. “I credit the voters of Independence who approved the 2004 Public Safety Sales tax which has allowed our Fire Department to invest in the facilities, equipment and training necessary to reach this high level of fire protection. The quality of our fire service, our water system infrastructure and our building code all contribute to reaching this high standard of safety, and it will have a substantial positive impact on economic development as well as reducing property insurance costs for our businesses and residents.”

ISO is an independent company serving insurance companies, communities, fire departments, insurance regulators and others by providing information about risk. Each department receives a rating from 1 to 10 (1 being the highest) based on fire protection features for small to average size buildings.

ISO’s staff collects data and evaluates communities nation-wide on their structural fire suppression capabilities. Evaluation criteria includes a determination of the theoretical amount of water necessary for fire suppression purposes; emergency reporting, telecommunicators and dispatching systems; fire department equipment, staffing, training, geographic distribution of fire companies, operational considerations and community risk reduction; and water supply, including inspection and flow testing of hydrants, alternative water supply operations and an evaluation of the amount of available water compared to the amount needed to suppress fire.

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