City of Independence, Missouri

Independence Police Department working with Metropolitan Community College to train future officers

In September, the City of Independence began offering hiring and recruitment incentives for Independence Police Officers. Recruitment of police officers is a national challenge, and many departments are looking for new ways to find qualified candidates. As part of the recruitment efforts, the Independence Police Department will expand training efforts by utilizing the Metropolitan Community College-Blue River Public Safety Institute’s Police Academy (MCC) for basic police recruit training in addition to the Kansas City Police Academy. The first class of candidates to attend will begin in January 2022.

“We are proud to work locally with Metropolitan Community College as we continue to address the public safety needs of our community,” City Manager Zach Walker said. “Education is a key part of creating a workforce that can meet the needs of our employers. Working with education partners like MCC is vital to the continued success of our community.”

Since 1996, the MCC-Blue River Public Safety Institute's Police Academy program has provided certified training as set forth by the Missouri Department of Public Safety/POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training), the regulatory agency responsible for the licensure of peace officers in the State of Missouri. The program’s peace officer curriculum provides both lecture-based and hands-on instruction to give recruits valuable experience utilizing the decision-making and skills that are vital in the field. Peace officer instruction includes communication skills and cultural sensitivity, de-escalation techniques and recognizing when and what type of intervention needs to occur, physical fitness and defensive tactics training, firearms training and extensive scenario-based training. These are just some of the core competencies taught at the MCC-Blue River Public Safety Institute as part of the Police Academy Certificate program. All MCC-Blue River Police Academy instructors are either currently employed in law enforcement or have an extensive background in skill sets critical to law enforcement.

“Our 19-week program consists of approximately 750 hours of instruction and our license is accepted in all 50 states, however, a waiver and/or additional state specific training may be necessary,” MCC-Blue River Public Safety Institute Director Craig McMein said. “Each agency within the KC Metropolitan Counties of Platte, Clay, Jackson, and Cass, had or has a former recruit from our academy program. We are excited to work with the City of Independence and Independence Police Department to provide top-quality candidates for our regional public safety needs.”




About MCC - Metropolitan Community College is Kansas City’s oldest public institution of higher education; 2021-22 marks our 107th academic year. We were founded in 1915 as the Kansas City Polytechnic Institute, changed our name to the Junior College of Kansas City in 1919, and became “Metropolitan” in 1964. Our campuses — MCC-Blue River, MCC-Business & Technology, MCC-Longview, MCC-Maple Woods and MCC-Penn Valley — and a robust online program educate about 20,000 students annually through credit and noncredit courses and business services.