City of Independence, Missouri

City works to address code concerns in targeted effort

The City of Independence recently completed the first segment of a corridor code enforcement effort along Wilson Road in Independence. This was a multi-departmental collaboration between the Community Development, Municipal Services and Police Department that resulted in 57 violations on 27 properties in less than third of a mile.

“The corridor code enforcement efforts we have done in the past have shown the tremendous impact a targeted effort can have,” 1st District Councilmember John Perkins said. “Wilson Road unfortunately had a high concentration of problem properties in a small area. We are hopeful that we will see voluntary compliance in these efforts, as we have in the past, and encourage our residents to help us with problems in their area. With more than 78 square miles in the City, we depend on our citizens to be our eyes and ears when they hear or see problems.”

The 1/3-mile segment included 50 properties. The largest number of citations issued related to garbage on a property with 21 violations.

Corridor code enforcement efforts are generally undertaken during the winter months when the City sees a decrease in code enforcement cases. Property owners are given approximately two weeks to voluntarily address violations at which time a follow-up inspection will take place. Those violations that have not been addressed may result in further actions and tickets.

Property before corridor code enforcement effort.

Property after corridor code enforcement effort.