City of Independence, Missouri

City of Independence announces utilities payment portal is live again

The City of Independence is pleased to announce that the payment portal used to pay for City of Independence Utilities bills is once again live and ready for use. As a reminder, payment information entered on this site is provided directly to the City’s payment processor and is not maintained in the City’s systems. The City has been working continuously to restore this site and other services since taking them offline as a precautionary measure while the City worked to address the recent cyber event. Access to additional systems taken offline will continue to occur throughout the coming days as these systems are reviewed and secure network access is once again restored. The City’s investigation into this event is ongoing and additional information will be provided as other relevant information becomes available. The City and our staff appreciate everyone’s continued patience and understanding as it responds to this event.  

There are several questions related to this system outage. Please see some of the most frequently asked and answers below:

  1. When will bills go out? Paper and electronic?
    1. Paper and electronic bills will both go out when billing resumes. We anticipate the customers should start receiving those billing statements after the Christmas holiday. 
  2. How many days will this bill cover?
    1. Once billing resumes those customers who have not received a November statement will receive those statements. No customers will receive a December billing statement. The January billing statement will cover both December and January. The days in the billing cycle will vary depending on when they were read last. The information for the number of days the bill covers will be listed on the billing statement for the customer to see. Customers will be able to request an extended payment arrangement to cover this longer than usual billing cycle by contacting Customer Services at (816)325-7930 or
  3. How much time do I have to pay? 
    1. No penalties will be assessed until further notice. Customers are encouraged to make payment toward their account and the payment period for this statement will be extended.
  4. Were bills estimated or meters actually read?
    1. The city makes every effort to obtain meter readings monthly, unless inclement weather or technical problems prevent us from doing so. If you have questions about your bill please contact Customer Services.
  5. I had a credit before this event, will I still have it?
    1. Any credit on the customer’s account will apply toward any new charges.
  6. When will my electronic payment be deducted?
    1. Electronic payments (auto bank drafting) will resume immediately after access to the City’s system has been granted.  We anticipate funds to be withdrawn before the end of the year.
  7. When will we get bills back on track?
    1. As soon as the system is available, billing will resume.  Unfortunately December statements will not be generated.  January statements will cover usage from November through the customer’s cycle read in January.
  8. I received a shut-off notice at the beginning of December. Are you shutting things off?
    1. There are no shut-offs for commercial or residential customers through at least Jan. 30, 2021. 
  9. How can I pay now?
    1. All payment forms will be accepted beginning Monday, Dec. 28. The Independence Utilities Center is open Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 8 AM – 5PM ; drive thru is open Monday through Friday 7:30 AM – 5PM.  There is a night drop box available 24 hours/7 days a week for customers to leave payments at City Hall. All City offices are closed on Thursday, Dec. 24, and Friday, Dec. 25 in honor of the Christmas holiday.
  10. I cannot pay the full amount. Are there services to help me?
    1. CARES ACT funding is available thru Dec. 30 by applying at and IRAP funds may also be available. 
    2. Customers are also encouraged to contact Customer Services to make payment arrangements if and when needed.
  11. How can I verify my usage v. my bill? 
    1. The meter readings are listed on your bill along with the date read.  You can read your meter at any time and compare. Electric meters are typically located outside of the homes, water meters are either located in a meter pit or in the home itself.
  12. Are there late fees or penalties?
    1. No, all late fees and penalties have been waived until further notice. 
  13. Are there credit card fees?
    1. No, all fees have been waived until further notice.