Parks and Recreation

Independence Park Commission

In 1995, a seven-member volunteer committee was created by the City Council to promote park and recreation activities, facilities, and fund raising efforts within the community. The group also serves as the oversight committee for improvements made through park sales tax efforts. The commission meets regularly on the last Thursday of each month to discuss park-related issues and developments. The public is welcome to attend. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Administration office at 325-7360 for more information.


Roger Hershey Advisory
Judge Jack Gant Advisory
Cliff McCormick  
Ronald Kroeger  
Bill Kidd  
Jolie Austin  
Gail Price  
Matt Beem  
Zachary Gall  

Are you interested in serving on a commission?

Independence residents interested in serving on City boards are encouraged to apply. The Council appointment process begins with the submission of an application to the City Clerk. Applications for Park Commission, Tree Commission and more are available online or by call the City Clerk office at (816)325-7010.

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