Parks and Recreation

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Directory

Facility Directory

Facility NameAddressPhoneFax
Truman Memorial Building
416 W. Maple Ave.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-7843 (816) 325-7843
Parks and Grounds Maintenance
320 E. Lexington Ave.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-7384  
National Frontier Trails Museum
318 W. Pacific Ave.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-7575  
Woodlawn Cemetery
701 S. Noland Rd.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-7365  
Roger T. Sermon Community Center
201 N. Dodgion St.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-7370 (816) 325-7374
George Owens Nature Park
1601 S. Speck Rd.
Independence, MO, 64057
(816) 325-7115 (816) 325-7374
Palmer Center
218A N. Pleasant St.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-6200 (816) 325-6210
Adventure Oasis Water Park
2100 Hub Dr.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-7370 (816) 325-7374
Visitor Welcome Center
210 W. Truman Rd.
Independence, MO, 64050
(816) 325-7890  

Staff Directory

Ana Delgado Administrative Assistant II
Morris Heide Director, Dept. of Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Jennifer Kim Staff Assistant
Zach McNulty Multimedia Communications Coordinator
Peggy Walcott Administrative Assistant II
Chase Carper Recreation Programs and Facilities Supervisor
Parker Higgins Recreation Coordinator
George Owens Nature Park
Donald Andes Center Attendant
Marjorie Durkee Center Attendant
Melanie Haney Parks Naturalist
Jacob Hansen Seaonal Maintenance Worker
Jane McMillen Center Attendant
Jeff Umbreit Recreation Programs & Facilities Supervisor
Brooke Wise Center Attendant
National Frontier Trails Museum  
Frank Buhro Historic Sites and Museum Administrator
Yvonne Cooper Center Attendant
Rachel Killebrew Center Attendant
Pele Schuster Museum Services Assistant
Palmer Center
James Barge Center Attendant
Richard Davis Nutrition Site Aide
Cheryl DeHaan Recreation Programs and Facilities Supervisor
Janna Huddleston Center Attendant
Anthony Jacobs Center Attendant
Patsy Keely Center Attendant
Lynda Kidwell Administrative Assistant II
Dawn Miller Center Attendant
Sharon Propst Center Attendant
Judith Zeikle Center Attendant
Parks Maintenance
Nathan Andachter PRT Maintenance Worker II
Bob Bennetzen Parks Technician
Jon Birchard PRT Maintenance Worker II
Jeremy Carr PRT Maintenance Worker II
William Comer PRT Maintenance Worker III
Devon Donovan PRT Maintenance Worker II
Calon Dunson PRT Maintenance Worker II
Michael Ettinger PRT Maintenance Worker II
William Feltrop PRT Maintenance Worker III
Tyler Gilpin PRT Maintenance Worker II
Dennis Hall PRT Maintenance Worker II
Quinten Hawkins PRT Maintenance Worker II
Kenneth Hayes PRT Maintenance Worker II
Frank Hernandez PRT Maintenance Worker II
Carl Herriott PRT Maintenance Worker II
Mike Hicks Parks and Grounds Manager
Eric Hilt Maintenance Supervisor
Brandon Jancek Assistant Foreman
Austin Jett PRT Maintenance Worker II
Derrick Kelly PRT Maintenance Worker III
Samuel Langston PRT Maintenance Worker II
Rayce Martin PRT Maintenance Worker II
Derek Mitchell PRT Maintenance Worker III
Thomas Oakes Assistant Foreman
Charlotte Olejko Horticulturalist
Elijah Penamon PRT Maintenance Worker II
Dwight Ridley PRT Maintenance Worker II
Perry Riley Maintenance Supervisor
Jeff Stinnett Maintenance Supervisor
Lukas Straker PRT Maintenance Worker II
Kareem Williams PRT Maintenance Worker II
Roger T. Sermon Community Center
Rosie Carlson Recreation Programs and Facilities Supervisor
Rebecca Hallier Center Attendant
Lisa Hamilton Center Attendant
Kirk Hollinbeck Center Attendant
Cynthia Malone Center Attendant
Laak Shields Center Attendant
Phillip Smith Center Attendant
Brooke Williams Center Attendant
Phillip Caldarella Center Attendant
Terry Williams Center Attendant
Wendy Shay Historic Preservation Manager
Richard (Gary) Sheridan Tourism Sales and Services Attendant
Truman Memorial Building
Parker Higgins Acting Recreation Programs and Facilities Supervisor
Jodi Wynn Recreation Manager
Marshall Sanchez Center Attendant
Samantha Stobart Center Attendant
Clara Whitney Center Attendant