National Frontier Trails Museum

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Planning Your School Visit


Our basic school program includes our introductory film, “West,” a tour led by one of our Museum Educators, and a hands-on “pack your wagon” activity. Students will seeartifacts associated with the western trails, including two original wagons, and hear first-hand accounts of the journey west from pioneer journals. School tours last approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

School Tour Fees

The fee for each student is $2.50. One teacher per class is admitted free. Additional chaperones are $5.00. There must be 15 or more paid admissions for this group rate to apply.

Museum Tour/Wagon Ride Combination Tickets

In coordination with Pioneer Trails Adventures, the National Frontier Trails Museum can offer students an opportunity to experience a ride in a wagon pulled by Missouri mules. The combined fee for the museum and wagon ride is $7.50 per student and $10 for each adult chaperone. An additional half-hour is required for the wagon ride.

Tailored Programs

Upon request we can arrange special emphasis tours focusing on Lewis and Clark, the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail or the California Trail.

Traveling Trunk Program

"Santa Fe Trail" Teacher Resource Trunk, grades 4-8

Investigate the Santa Fe Trail and examine the materials used by Anglo-American, American Indian, and Mexican traders. Artifacts, lessons, and other resources are provided for classroom use. The trunk is offered free of charge through the Santa Fe Trails Association and is available for two weeks.

“Exploring with Lewis and Clark” Teacher Resource Trunk, grades 4-8

Reproduction artifacts, prints, maps, furs and lesson plans help bring the experiences of the Corps of Discovery to life. The fee for trunk use is $25.00 for two weeks.


 To plan a visit, reserve a traveling trunk, or coordinate a special program, contact the Museum at 816-325-7575 or