Municipal Services

Right-of-Way Lateral Failure Repair Program

The Municipal Services Department has taken responsibility for the repair of sanitary sewer lateral failures which occur in the public right of way or sewer easement as a result of an amendment to City Code in early 1995. Repairs will be performed on laterals which have experienced structural failures, such as may be evidenced by surfacing sewage or a cave-in. Maintenance problems, such as root ingrowth and blockages, remain the responsibility of the property owner.

Investigations of right of way lateral failures by Sewer Maintenance Division (SMD) crews include available testing procedures, such as line smoking, dye testing and TV inspections, that are employed to confirm a failure. Mapping and easement location information from Municipal Service's Engineering Division may be obtained to confirm the right of way/easement location and validate the repair for this program.

Initial discovery of a lateral failure may be made by the property owner. In such cases, the owner is required to provide proof of a failure by contracting a plumber to perform a line locator service which would indicate a structural failure is present in the right-of-way or sewer easement. This service will be necessary if there is no surfacing sewage or a cave-in which can be tested by SMD personnel.

For further information or to request an investigation, please contact SMD at (816) 325-7727.