Law Department

Filing A Claim

The Law Department processes personal injury and property damage claims asserted against the City. Municipal Court and criminal complaints are separate and not included in the damage claim process. Law Department staff facilitates the process which includes investigation of the claim, determination if the City is liable under applicable law and negotiation of the claim when the City is deemed liable.

Claims may be submitted by mail, fax, online or in person. The Law Department maintains a log and documentation for vehicular accidents involving City vehicles and forwards the information to the City’s liability insurance carrier for handling.

Instructions For Filing A Claim

  1. Download the claim form.

    Information to include:

    1. Description of incident (attach additional sheets, if necessary)
    2. Amount of claim
    3. Provide receipts or estimates to support amounts as itemized on the claim form.
    4. If available, photographs of the damage may also be submitted.

  2. Send completed claim form and attached receipts, estimates and photographs to:

    City of Independence
    Law Department
    111 East Maple
    Independence, Missouri 64050
    Fax: (816) 325-7219

Claims Processing Procedures

The procedure for processing damage claims is established by City ordinance; the process may take several weeks. Claims in excess of $10,000 require two readings of the settlement ordinance at the City Council meetings for approval. This somewhat lengthy period of time for investigating and processing claims is a result of special procedures which must be followed when dealing with public funds.