Police Department

Internal Affairs Report

Internal Affairs Annual Report - 2015

Prepared by Captain Dennis Green, Professional Development Unit Commander

March 22, 2016

It is essential for the citizen complaint process to remain open and accessible to the public in order to maintain the public trust.  Complaints may be received by the office in a variety of ways such as in person, by telephone, written letter, electronic mail or walk-in report. 

To file a formal complaint a person must thoroughly complete, in written form, a departmental Citizen Complaint Form.  The procedures to follow for filing a complaint are posted at the police Information Desk in the front lobby of the Police Building.  Persons wishing to file a complaint may:

  • Request a complaint form from Service Desk personnel in the Police Building lobby
  • Contact any on duty supervisor
  • Contact the Internal Affairs Unit
  • Complete an Online Complaint: Here

There were 20 formal complaints (alleging 47 violations) filed in 2015. One complaint may contain several violations, but if there is one “Sustained” violation, the case is considered “Sustained”. 18 cases were investigated by Internal Affairs and 2 cases were Shift Level investigations. Complaints are classified in two categories; External and Internal Complaints. External Complaints are filed by citizens and Internal Complaints are filed by employees or supervisors of the police department. Internal Complaints would also include officer involved shootings which are automatically investigated by Internal Affairs for any policy, rules, or general order violations. In 2015, there were a total of 8 External Complaints and 12 Internal Complaints. The final dispositions of those complaints/violations are as follows:

8 External Complaints:

  • Exonerated – 1
  • Sustained – 1
  • Not Sustained – 2
  • Unfounded – 1
  • Closed/Non-Cooperation – 3

12 Internal Complaints:

  • Exonerated – 2
  • Sustained – 7
  • Not Sustained – 2
  • Unfounded – 0
  • Closed/Non-Cooperation - 1

Citizen Complaints were down 33% compared  to 2014. Internal Complaints accounted for 68% of the complaints and external complaints accounted for 32%. This ratio has changed and has taken a swing from being almost equal complaints to the Internal complaints outweighing the External by almost 36%.

In addition to investigating and reviewing complaints in the Internal Affairs Unit, recruitment, selection and retention of police personnel is an ongoing endeavor. In 2015, the office processed 684 applicants for police officer positions and 1248 applicants for other positions within the department. 13 Police Officers and 15 new support personnel were hired in 2015. In 2015, there were 193 sworn police officers (7 Vacancies) and 75 civilians employed (15 Vacancies). 

In 2015, there were 127 Response to Force incidents reported by police officers. 9 officers sustained either minor or unstated injuries. 

Of the 129 suspects involved in the Response to Force incidents; 66 suspects received no injuries, 62 received minor injuries and one suspect was killed. 56 of the incidents involved suspects under the influence of drugs/alcohol. 177 total actions were taken by involved officers to resolve the incidents. 

Those actions included:

  • Physical Force:  97 actions
  • LVNR (Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint):  4 actions
  • OC Chemical Spray:  1 action
  • Taser Application:  64 actions
  • K-9:  3 actions
  • Impact:  5 actions
  • Firearm:  2 actions

Considering that 11,265 people were booked into the police detention facility in 2015, 1.1% of persons arrested/booked were involved in Response to Force incidents. 

The 2015 Racial and Gender Response to Force statistics for the 129 suspects are as follows:

  • Caucasian: 107 (82.9%)
  • African American: 21 (16.3%)
  • Hispanic: 1 (0.8%)
  • Males: 118
  • Females: 11

In 2015, there were 2 officer involved shootings.