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Restaurant Inspections


Routine inspections of food establishments are an ongoing process. All food establishments in the City of Independence are routinely inspected one to three times per year depending on Public Health risk. However, if the Health Department deems it necessary establishments may be inspected with more frequency.

  • Critical Violation: A violation that relates directly to factors which lead to foodborne illnesses.
  • Non-Critical Violation: A violation that relates to maintenance and cleanliness of food service operations.

All critical violations are corrected within 72 hours by food service establishments*.
*The inspection reports posted on the web may not indicate this correction.

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What permits are needed?

Any individual, business or non-profit organization that is going to distribute or sell food/drinks for human consumption must have a Food Service Permit. Additionally, every food service establishment which prepares food is required to have a permitted food manager on duty at all times and all other staff must have a food handler permit.


How do I get a Food Handler or Food Manager Permit?

Please click the following link for more information on obtaining a Food Handler or Food Manager permit (also known as a Food Handler or Food Manager card):

How do I get a Food Service Permit for my business?

Whether you are applying for a permanently located business, mobile food unit or temporary event, you will need to:

  1. Apply for a City of Independence Business License or acquire a non-profit exemption letter. You may apply online at or in person at one of the following locations*:

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    • Independence City Hall, 111 E. Maple Avenue
    • Independence Health Department, 515 S. Liberty Street (credit/debit only)
    • City Hall and the Health Department are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, closed most government holidays
    • For more information, please call (816) 325-7019

    *Non-profit exemption letters are only available at City Hall

  2. Once your Business License has been approved, you will need to obtain a Health Permit. The Permit application and fee schedule may be printed from the link below or obtained at the Independence Health Department, 515 S. Liberty Street during normal business hours.

    • Return your completed Application, final menu, and Permit Fee to the Independence Health Department.
    • Notify the Health Department when your business is ready for inspection.
    • Your Health Permit will be issued once your business has successfully passed the opening inspection.
    • For more information, please call (816) 325-7803.
    • Application for Food Service Permit
    • Fee Schedule for Food Service Permit

What type of facility/equipment do I need?

All new and remodeled facilities must go through the building permit process. Detailed plans will be required for food service/dining areas. If moving into an existing food establishment with only cosmetic or no changes, please consult with the Environmental Public Health Division at 816-325-7803. Commercial grade food equipment is required for all food establishments with the exception of temporary events.


Who needs a Temporary Food Event Permit?

Any group, organization, or individual who is planning to operate a food booth during a fair, festival, auction, or other temporary event must obtain a Temporary Food Service Permit.

How do you get a Temporary Food Event Permit?

Follow procedures in How do I get a Food Service Permit? The fee for all Temporary Permits is $50. Application must be received at least five business days prior to the scheduled event. The completed application, verification of business license, and fee should be mailed or delivered to the Independence Health Department at 515 S. Liberty Street. You can also fax to (816) 325-7074, and we will collect the fee over the phone with a credit/debit card. <>

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What is a Mobile Food Unit (MFU)?

Mobile Food Unit (MFU) may also be known as a Food Truck (vehicle mounted) or Push Carts (non-self propelled). MFUs must be operated out of a permitted commissary or other permitted fixed food service establishment. Each MFU must also have a permit. At least one MFU operator must have an Independence Food Manager permit; additional workers must have at least an Independence Food Handler permit.