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Childcare Provider Classes and Information

Poison Prevention Week March 19-25

Use the below link to access the Missouri Poison Center for information and activities for your school.


Childcare Centers & Pre-schools Classes

Independence Health Department offers the following health promotion classes to the children at child care centers in Independence.  Each class is 30 minutes in length. Contact Suzanne Meyer @ to schedule class or for any questions.

  • Hand Washing
  • My Plate: Healthy Eating Habits
  • Physical Activities with Organ Wise Guys
  • Show Me Your Smile: Oral Health
  • Spike's Poison Prevention Adventure
  • Healthy Smiles: Oral Health
  • Fire Safety
  • Seatbelt Safety
  • Hands are not for Hitting
  • Lana the Iguana: Fruits and Vegetables

CPR & First Aid Classes for Childcare Providers

Independence Health Department offers the AHA Heartsaver Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid classes for child care providers in Independence.  Each student must purchase and bring the 2015 AHA Heartsaver Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid student workbook to the class.  These can be purchase online from WorldPoint, Laedral, or Channing Bete.  There are a limited number of classes available during the year, but additional classes can be found at or

For additional information about upcoming classes, call Suzanne Meyer at 325-7320 or email

Childcare Provider Clock Hour Classes

April 8, 2017        Registration Now Available

                                8 a.m.  Vaccine Preventable Diseases

                                9 a.m.   Perceived Food Evils

                                10 a.m.  Fire Safety

                                11 a.m.   Water Safety

September 9, 2017    

                                 8 a.m.  ABC’s Of Second Hand Smoking

                                 9 a.m.    Influenza for Child Care Providers

                                10 a.m.  Link Between Disease and Weight

                                11 a.m.   Car Seat and Seat Belt Safety              

Classes are free, but you must register online through the MO Workshop, Calendar,  Class topics may change based on speaker availability. Participants will need a MOPD ID to register for classes. If you need a MOPD ID, this can be done by going online to the Open Initiative website,, look to the right side of the page, and click on “Request a MOPD ID.”  Once you get your MOPD ID, you can register for classes on the MO Workshop Calendar.

For more information about any of these classes, please contact Suzanne Meyer at 816-325-7320 or


New Childcare Requirements Resources

Not Even for a Minute

Everyone is in a hurry. You may be tempted to leave your child in the car for "just a minute" while you run into the store. DON'T DO IT!  There are very real dangers for children left alone in a vehicle including:

  • Abduction.
  • Temperature inside a car can quickly reach deadly levels.
  • Children can accidentally set the car in motion.
  • Children can become trapped and even killed by a power window.
  • Items in the glove compartment or first aid kit could be harmful or toxic to children.

For more information, visit Children's Trust Fund of Missouri.