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Start Right Childcare

The “Start Right” Facility recognition program of the Independence Health Department is part of an ongoing, collaborative effort to promote the health and safety of children enrolled in childcare settings. This voluntary program was designed to build on minimum licensing standards and to incorporate national recommendations for health and safety. Childcare facilities that demonstrate achievement of the performance standards may be awarded a “Start Right” Facility Certificate along with various promotions throughout Independence. The Health Department would like to recognize facilities that go above and beyond what is required and to promote those sites.

The “Start Right” Facility distinction is based on completing performance measures in eight different categories.
These include:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Communicable Disease
  • Indoor safety
  • Outdoor safety
  • Safe sleep practices for infants
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition environment
  • General safety

The eight performance standards are divided into One Star, Two Star, and Three Star levels. All of the performance measures must be complete for a specific star level under each category to receive the “Start Right” designation. Three Star centers have gone the farthest above and beyond licensing standards and are implementing policies, trainings, and efforts to provide the optimum health, wellness, and safety for the children in their care. One and Two Star facilities are still working above minimum licensing standards to incorporate national recommendations for health and safety.

Current 3 Star centers include:

  • Creative World
    2641 Hub Drive
  • Sunrise Montessori Academy
    16716 E. US 40 Hwy
  • Starshine Preschool
    400 W. Maple Street

Current 1 Star centers include:

  • Creative World Countryside
    19701 E. 40 Highway

Start Right Resource & Guideline Book