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Community Gardensmeeting

The Independence Community Garden Association (ICGA) provides a forum for all gardeners in Independence to network with each other and share ideas, resources, and expertise.

The vision of ICGA is a community coming together for better health and better living through gardening.

The mission of ICGA is to encourage and nurture the development of community gardens and gardeners to grow and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. The ICGA supports community gardens that foster self-sufficiency, recreation, education, sustainability and social harmony.

Hawthorne Garden

Fairmount Garden

Gardening Classes 2016

In partnership with Kansas City Community Gardens and the Independence Garden Club, the Independence Health Department is sponsoring gardening classes free to the public. Please visit this page in the spring to view our 2016 class schedule. All classes will be held at the Independence Health Department at 6:00 p.m. unless noted.

To see the flyer for classes, click here.
To view the 2015 Kansas City Community Garden Plant Order form, click here.

Plant Distribution

All distributions from 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM at the Independence Health Department.

The Independence Health Department will be hosting seed distribution in 2016. Please check back in the spring for an updated list of dates.

Distributions will be held at the Independence Health Department. To participate in this program, you must be a member of Kansas City Community Garden. Membership is $2 for those who qualify for low- or no-income. Membership for all others is $10. All members are entitled to receive 10 packets of seeds (your choice), a five-pound bag of fertilizer, a community garden newsletter, discounts on additional seeds, and loan of a tiller.

The Independence Health Department is located at 515 S. Liberty St. For more information, contact Cindy Friend at 325-7185.

To see flyer for seed and plant distribution, click here.

Building a raised bed in your back yard.

Hawthorne Garden highlights video

Community gardens located in Independence include:

  • Hawthorne Community Garden
    • Open to residents of Hawthorne neighborhood
    • 16995 Dover Lane
  • Fairmount Plaza Garden
    • Open to residents of Fairmount Plaza
    • 615 N. Huttig Avenue
  • St. Paul Community Garden
    • Open to the community
    • Contact Sara Scheil: 816-356-6986
    • 11200 E. 36th Street South
  • St. Marks United Methodist Church
    • Open to the community
    • Contact: 816-257-1812
    • 603 N. Jennings
  • Stone Community Garden
    • Open to members of Stone Church 
    • 1012 W. Lexington Avenue
  • White Oak Community Garden
    • Open to the community
    • Contact Cindy Friend: 816-325-7767
    • 136 N. White Oak (West of Community Service League building)
  • Habitat for Humanity Garden
    • Open to the community
    • Contact Cindy Friend: 816-325-7767
    • 505 N. Dodgion
  • Hy-Vee Community Garden
    • Open to the community
    • Contact Bridget Luff: 816-478-6557
    • 4545 S Noland Road
  • Village Heights Community of Christ Church
    • Open for church members 
    • 1009 Farview Drive
  • FavTrip Community Garden
    • Open to the community
    • 10507 E 23rd Street
    • Contact Sazad: 816-461-3144
  • The Cedars Community Garden
    • Open to residents at The Cedars
    • 3100 Quail Creek Drive
  • The Groves
    • Open to residents at the Groves
    • 1515 W White Oak
  • Mount Washington Apartments
    • Open to the community 
    • 570 S Evanston Ave
    • Contact Roxanne Gary: 816-564-0035


The White Oak community garden was opened in 2014, using land owned by the city. The garden is open to all Independence residents who wish to garden. For more information or to reserve a bed, contact the Independence Health Department at 325-7185.