Human Resources

Employee Benefits

BenefitEligibilityBenefit Description
Holidays All Regular employees. 12 paid holidays
Vacation Full-time and Regular Part-time employees - eligible with pay after six months of continuous service. Regular Part-time employees - pro rata basis.

Full-time employees accrue vacation as follows: <60 mths. = 80 hrs./yr. (3.08 hrs./pay period)

60-119 mths. = 120 hr./yr. (4.62 hrs./pay period)

120-179 mths. = 160 hrs./yr. (6.16 hrs./pay period)

180 mths.+ = 200 hrs./yr. (7.70 hrs./pay period)

Personal Business Leave Full-time employees - no usage or payment prior to six months of service. Personal business leave = 24 hrs./yr. (.93 hrs./pay period).
Sick Leave Full-time and Regular Part-Time employees - not paid the first six months of employment. Regular Part-time employees - pro-rata. Full-time employees accrue 96 hrs. of sick leave per year (3.7 hrs./pay period).
Health Insurance Full-time employees - eligible on the first of the month following 30 days of employment. 2 health insurance plans. Cost is shared with employees.
Dental Insurance Full-time employees - eligible on the first date of the month following date of hire. 2 dental insurance plans. Cost is shared with employees.
Deferred Compensation Full-time general fund employees Employee can choose to make contributions for retirement savings on a pre-tax basis to a traditional 457 plan or on an after-tax basis to the Roth 457 Plan.
Aflac Voluntary Insurance Full-time employees - eligible for all plans; Part-time employees - eligible for accident, cancer insurance, and critical illness. Employee pays premiums for optional insurance plans that include short term disability, accident insurance, cancer insurance, and critical illness.
Basic Life Insurance & long term disability Full-time employees/Regular Part-time employees with benefits who work 20 or more hours per week (basic life only). City paid term life insurance - provided in the amount of the employee's annual salary. Two years of long term disability coverage included.
LAGERS Retirement L-6 Benefit Program Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System for full-time employees. A LAGERS member is vested after 5 years of service credit within the LAGERS system. Employee contributes 4% upon completion of probationary period.