Fire Department

2017 First Responder Awards

On December 26, 2016, Independence Fire Department responded to a residence fire at 2330 S. Vermont. Upon arrival at the scene, crews were beginning their duties at a working fire. The residence was showing heavy brown smoke be forced from the roof line and most openings. The neighbors had stated that the residence was occupied and that the resident was probably still inside. Independence Fire Department Rescue 1 and Pumper 5 crews began to conduct a search of the residence with the likelihood of a person trapped. Pumper 5's crew entered the residence and found the victim in the rear kitchen area. They notified Fire Command and an ambulance was requested emergency. Pumper 5's crew then removed the victim from the residence via that kitchen door. Upon exiting the residence, ambulance personnel from AMR moved the victim to the ambulance. The victim survived 2 more days before passing. Crew members of Pumper 5 that day were Captain Christopher Bingham, Fire Equipment Operator Billy Clark and FF Barnett Cardin.



From left to right: Fire Chief John Greene, Fire fighter Barnett Cardin, Fire Captain Christopher Bingham and Fire fighter Donnie Shook
The awards for Fire Captain Bingham, Fire Equipment Operator Clark, and Fire fighter Cardin were from Police and Fireman's Insurance Association “Heroes Hall of Fame”. Donnie Shook is the Representative for Police and Fireman's Insurance Association for Independence Fire Department.