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Historic Walking Tours

Interested in historic walking tours? Spend an afternoon getting to know Independence by taking a self-guided tour of one of these neighborhoods!

Historic Landmarks of Independence Walking Tour

Rich in history as the home of Harry S Truman and steeped in tradition as the point of origin of the westward trails, the City of Independence proudly its Historic Landmarks. Determined to be significant by ordinance of the City Council, these landmarks provide a resounding story of the growth and development of mid-America for more than two centuries.

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Truman Historic Walking Tour

No one liked a good walk better than Independence's own Harry Truman.

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Lexington-Winner Road-Englewood Neighborhood Self-Guided Tour

This neighborhood is characterized by early to mid-20th century development with vestiges of late 19th century farms and late 20th century infill construction.

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Missouri Mormon Walking Trail

Missouri Mormon Walking Trail is a joint project of the City of Independence, Missouri, and MMFF. MMFF is a non-sectarian not-for-profit group dedicated to the promotion and understanding of local history.

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Civil War Sites of Independence Walking/Driving Tour

This combination walking and driving tour guides adventurers into the footsteps of those who fought to defend their state and the ideologies by which they lived in the American Civil War. The sites listed, located within the boundaries of modern-day Jackson County as well as the City of Independence, Missouri, will take you through two of those battles. Begin on the Independence Square and walk step by step through the Battle of Independence in 1862. Start your tour in eastern Jackson County and you begin with the Battle of the Little Blue in 1864.

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African-American Historic Sites of Independence Walking/Driving Tour

This is the latest in a series of historic trails intended to guide visitors and residents alike through the many layers of Independence history. This brochure highlights the significant contributions of African-Americans in the City of Independence. The tour begins on the downtown Square and takes you to both sites and buildings including churches, cemeteries, a historic school, traditional African-American neighborhoods, and various home sites. Take the tour and walk in the footsteps of great individuals who made Independence what it is today.

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