Community Development

Comprehensive Plan and Other Studies

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan for Independence was adopted in 1993 with several updates and amendments including the Little Blue Valley Plan Amendment, the US 24 Highway Corridor Study and the Historic Preservation Plan, among others. The Comprehensive Planning division is responsible for guiding the City's long-range planning efforts and for implementing the comprehensive plan for future growth and development. The most recent updates to the Comprehensive Plan are the Little Blue Valley Plan Update and the US 24 Highway Corridor Study. In addition, the Comprehensive Planning Division maintains all the mapping for the city, coordinates addressing standards and collects and maps census data.

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US 24 Highway Corridor Study

Adopted in 2006, the 24 Highway Plan examines the revitalization of the US 24 Highway Corridor, the gateway to the Truman Presidential Library and Museum. The plan explores the housing and economic development potential of the area.

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Independence Square Revitalization Plan

Adopted in 2005, the Square Plan is a collaborative effort of various stakeholders in developing a strategy for promoting redevelopment, beautifying streetscapes, strengthening existing businesses, and attracting new businesses and residents.

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Little Blue Valley Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The Little Blue Valley Comprehensive Plan Amendment covers nearly half of Independence and is focused on land use, transportation, economic development and other issues of guiding development in the Little Blue River Valley in eastern Independence. The plan amendment was adopted in 1999.

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