Green Independence

City Rebates

The City of Independence has rebates!

The City of Independence Power and Light Department (IPL) offers rebates to residents, businesses and homebuilders to encourage energy efficient equipment and measures.

City Rebates

  • Residential Customers

    Equipment rebates are offered to residential customers for the purchase of efficient air conditioners, heat pumps and electric water heaters. Visit IPL’s website for more information about equipment requirements, rebate amounts and rebate applications.

  • Business and Industrial Customers

    IPL commercial and industrial customers can apply for either prescriptive rebates for simple lighting and air conditioning projects; or custom rebates for projects not fitting into prescriptive categories, or both. For custom rebate applications, the simple payback of the proposed project must be between two and ten years to qualify for a rebate. Visit IPL’s website for rebate amounts and rebate applications.

  • Homebuilders

    Homebuilders building homes to a certain standard may be eligible for rebates through the New Homes Program with ENERGY STAR® . The New Homes Program with ENERGY STAR is intended to increase energy efficiency in new home construction. In order to earn the ENERGY STAR designation, a home must meet guidelines for energy efficiency set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Visit IPL’s website for more information about the program and to download an application.

Contact Us

For more information about City of Independence rebate programs, contact the Independence Power and Light Energy Applications Specialist at or (816) 325-7485.