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Strategic Goals

Consistent with the Vision Statement, the City Council hereby establishes the following four(4) strategic goals:
  • To develop and support vibrant neighborhoods and a high quality of life across Independence through regular communication and diverse public involvement, cooperative partnerships, and the provision of targeted services designed to meet the specific needs of the community.
  • To foster a viable local economy with an expanding employment and tax base through focused efforts to support and redevelop existing business areas, and the aggressive pursuit of economic development opportunities consistent with the comprehensive plan.
  • To ensure long-term financial stability for the City of Independence, through the development and use of systems to project long-range financial trends based on local operating decisions and economic conditions, sound fiscal policies and practices, and budget decisions that balance community service needs with available resources.
  • To meet existing and emerging transportation needs through the timely maintenance of City infrastructure, the development and support of local and regional transportation systems, and the promotion of public transportation.
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