City of Independence, Missouri

City Code

This on-line version of the Independence City Code is not the official version. The only officially published version is available through the City Clerk's Office, located on the ground floor of City Hall. This on-line version may differ from the official version and should be relied upon for general information purposes only.

Where to Call for...

Animal Services: (816) 325-7205
(too many animals; animal abuse; dangerous dogs; unrestrained pets)

Building Inspections: (816) 325-7401
(construction inspections; building permits)

City Clerk: (816) 325-7010
(copies of City records)

Police: (816) 325-7300
(graffiti; vehicles parked in street; garage sales)

Power & Light: (816) 325-7500
(power outages; lines down)

Public Works: (816) 325-7600
(roadside dumping; driveway construction; septic tanks; sight obstruction; public sidewalks; dangerous trees)

Water Pollution Control: (816) 325-7727
(storm water or sewer problems; flooding; leaves/grass clippings being deposited in the street)

Zoning: (816) 325-7410
(vehicles parked on grass; trailers, commercial or recreational vehicles in residential areas; business in residential areas; commercial screening)

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