City of Independence, Missouri

Brand Steering Committee


That a Brand Steering Committee is hereby created by the City Council of the City of Independence for the purpose of collaborating with City staff in the research, public engagement and development of a new brand and all that is associated with it.

Membership Information

That the Independence City Council hereby affirms the following individual appointments and appoints At-Large members to the Brand Steering Committee, each to serve without compensation for a term expiring no later than December 31, 2018.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Anders, Nina12/31/2018
Conley, Austin12/31/2018
Dyer, Trey12/31/2018
House, Mary12/31/2018
Judy, Angie12/31/2018
McDonald, Lois12/31/2018
Parratt, Jeremy12/31/2018
Shinkle, Cathy12/31/2018
Watkins Davis, Grant12/31/2018

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