City of Independence, Missouri

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee


City Council approved a consulting services contract with Shockey Consulting Services, LLC for Public Engagement Services as part of the Comprehensive Plan update that included the formation of a Steering Committee; and, The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide leadership and guidance during the public engagement and planning process of the update.

Membership Information

Each member of the City Council is to name one member, and the remaining two members are to be appointed by a majority vote of the Council.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Boone, Ken12/31/2017
Campbell, Pat12/31/2017
Hickey, Ronald12/31/2017
Higgs, Scott12/31/2017
Morris, Ellen12/31/2017
Page, JerryAt-Large12/31/2017
Storey, Terry12/31/2017
Wiley, HeatherAt-Large12/31/2017
Williams, Lee12/31/2017

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