City of Independence, Missouri

Mayor's Advisory Commission on the Arts


The purpose of the Commission is to: plan, promote and encourage public awareness of, accessibility to, participation in, and support for the artistic and cultural development of the City of Independence; forge partnerships with private and/or public organizations in and around Jackson County to promote and support the arts; and serve as an advisory body to the Mayor and make recommendations to the City Council regarding the establishment and implementation of arts and cultural policies and programs.

Membership Information

The nine-member commission is comprised of the following: four members having significant knowledge and demonstrated experience in one or more areas of the visual arts including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts photograph, video, filmmaking and architecture; one member having significant knowledge and demonstrated experience in one or more areas of the applied arts including industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and decorative art; two members from the business and professional community; and two members representing performing arts including theatre, music, and spoken word. Members serve three-year terms.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Beem, MattPerforming Arts9/1/2021
Constance, ByronApplied Arts9/1/2019
Eppert, NancyPerforming Arts9/1/2021
Gall, Katie9/1/2021
Hall, TomBusiness Community9/1/2020
Kettenhofen, Monica9/1/2021
Lightfoot, GeorgeVisual Arts9/1/2019
McClain, CindyBusiness Community9/1/2020
Short, StacieVisual Arts9/1/2020

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