City of Independence, Missouri

Public Safety Services Review Committee


The purpose of the Committee is to review the existing dedicated sales taxes for police and fire purposes and determine recommendations for their expiration, continuation or expansion and to report to the Council on or before October 31, 2014.  This Committee will automatically disband after presentation of its recommendations to the Council.

Membership Information

The Committee is comprised of eleven residents of the City of Independence who are not current City employees. Each Councilmember names one individual member, and the remaining four members are appointed by a majority vote of the Council. The member appointed by the Mayor is to chair the Committee. Due to the temporary nature of this committee, its members may serve on other committees, boards or commissions.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Barnhard, Dwight10/31/2014
Benedict, Eric10/31/2014
Davis, Roman10/31/2014
Dominik, LauraAt-Large10/31/2014
Hisch, GaryAt-Large10/31/2014
McDonald, Lois10/31/2014
McDonald, Mark10/31/2014
Querry, Keith10/31/2014
Speaks, BradAt-Large10/31/2014
Todd, Jackie10/31/2014
Watkins, TimAt-Large10/31/2014

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