City of Independence, Missouri

City Planning Commission


The duties of the commission are to prepare and recommend to the City Council a master plan for physical development; regulations governing the subdivision, and zoning plan or ordinances; to make recomendations to the Council on approval or disapproval of plats, and to submit to the City Manager a list of recommended public improvements.

Membership Information

The City Council shall appoint seven members, each to four (4) year terms to expire on July 1. The Mayor and City Manager shall also be ex-officio members to serve in a liaison capacity.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Ashbaugh, Eric7/1/2016
Boatright, LesChair7/1/2015
Campbell, Patrick A.7/1/2016
Ferguson, Virginia7/1/2018
Finkle, Russell R.7/1/2017
Harp, Lori7/1/2015
Kacheroski, Jerome F.7/1/2017

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