City of Independence, Missouri

Japanese Sister City Committee


The function of this committee is to actively support the Sister City Program of Sister Cities International and seek to establish a closer more lasting relationship with the City of Higashimurayama, Japan.

Membership Information

The City Council appoints 16 members of which the Mayor and one Councilmember are appointed as ex-officio members, the remaining 14 members are appointed for overlapping three (3) year terms; said members to serve upon this committee without compensation. Residency is required, but may also be on some other board. (Meet at 7:00 p.m./3rd Thursday in Conference Room D)


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Benson, Bruce5/1/2016
Guillotte, Kenny5/1/2017
Hahn, Peter5/1/2016
Hall, Mako5/1/2016
Hamm, Stacy5/1/2017
Hancock, GeraldHistorian5/1/2016
Hinkle, Carolyn5/1/2015
Lovewell, Debbie5/1/2016
Olson-Hahn, TwylaChair5/1/2015
Pallo, Cassy5/1/2017
Seeley, John5/1/2015
Segura-Brown, JeannaeTreasurer5/1/2017
Wagner, Eric5/1/2015
Walsh, Pat5/1/2015
Weir, EileenMayorEx Officio Member
Whiting, ChrisCouncilmemberEx Officio Member

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