City of Independence, Missouri

Industrial Development Authority


The IDA was organized for the following purposes: to develop, advance, encourage and promote commercial, industrial, agricultural and manufacturing facilities in and about the City of Independence, Missouri, all for the benefit of Independence, Missouri and its residents; as authorized under the Industrial Development Corporations Act (Sections 349.010 - 349.105 RSMo).

Membership Information

Nine member Board of Directors appointed by the City Council to serve six (6) year terms or until a successor is duly qualified and appointed. Directors must be resident taxpayers of Independence, Missouri, for at least one year immediately prior to their appointment.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Brown, Aaron11/30/2019
Flick, Joseph (Joe) A.11/30/2023
Kalthoff, Nathan11/30/2017
Kline, William (Mike)11/30/2016
Querry, Lyle (Keith)11/30/2021
Shafer-Henry, Sara11/30/2023
Thornton, John S.11/30/2021
VanVelzen, Marcia11/30/2021
Zerr, Jonathan11/30/2019

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