City of Independence, Missouri

Independence Square Advisory Board


This board shall act as an advisory body to the City Council on matters pertaining to the Independence Square Special Business District, especially in reguards to establishing marketing techniques for use in the promotion of business in said District.

Membership Information

The Council appoints nine members, three from each area, upon recommendation of at least three owners of property or business in the area. The terms of office will be for three years after an initial staggered appointment of one, two and three years. Members are not precluded from serving on other boards or commissions.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Fasse, GregEast10/4/2018
Boulallegue, RafetCenterCenter (Area 2)10/4/2019
Carnes, BillPresident/CenterCenter (Area 2)10/4/2017
Hacker, KarenCenterCenter (Area 2)10/4/2019
Leung, ChristinaEast/Secretary/TreasurerEast (Area 3)10/4/2018
Vacant due to resignationEastEast (Area 3)10/4/2008
Conley, AustinWestWest (Area 1)10/4/2018
Vacant due to resignationWestWest (Area 1)10/4/2007
Vacant due to resignationWestWest (Area 1)10/4/2008

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