City of Independence, Missouri

Human Relations Commission
Ordinance No. 728,3583,8565, 18864, 18936


The duties of the Commission are to foster mutual understanding and respect among all ethnic, racial and religious groups, to discourage and prevent discrimination against any such group, or discrimination due to gender, age, handicap, or familial status and cooperate with federal, state and municipal agencies and non-governmental organizations with the purpose of effectuating its aims.

Membership Information

The Council appoints the ten members, each to three-year terms or until his/her successor has been appointed and qualified. The membership is to be broadly representative of the religious, racial, education, labor, civic, commercial, management, ethnic and governmental groups of the community. Expiration date is on October 4. From the seven members of the Commission, the City Council shall designate the Chairman.


NameTitleExpirationAppointed By
Coppoc, Mike 12/01/2022Council Interview Committee/Council
Frank, Sheryl 12/01/2022Council Interview Committee/Council
Hudson, Virginia 12/01/2020Council Interview Committee/Council
Moe, Lupe 10/04/2022Council Interview Committee/Council
Tuala, Mr. TiaChair10/04/2022Council Interview Committee/Council
Turner, Major EdAdvisory Member Council Interview Committee/Council
Wanamaker, Gary 12/01/2021Council Interview Committee/Council
Woodson-Falls, Nina 10/04/2020Council Interview Committee/Council

Alternate Members

NameTitleExpirationAppointed By

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