City of Independence, Missouri

Board of Ethics
Charter & Ordinance No. 769


The duties of the board are to render advisory opinions to the Mayor and Councilmembers and other officers and employees with respect to the Code of Ethics.

Membership Information

The City Council shall appoint five members, each to four (4) year terms to expire on July 1.


NameTitleExpirationAppointed By
Flowers, Terry 07/01/2022Council Interview Committee/Council
Hughes, Christine AnnChair07/01/2024Council Interview Committee/Council
Miles, Rebecca 07/01/2022Council Interview Committee/Council
Murphy, Robert Dwyer 07/01/2023Council Interview Committee/Council
Wimberley, Sarah Schofield 07/01/2021Council Interview Committee/Council

Alternate Members

NameTitleExpirationAppointed By

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