City of Independence, Missouri

City Beautification Commission


This Commission is to advise the City Council and assist City staff with public information and education for maintaining a healthy, safe and attractive City. The Commission is responsible for: 1) Public awareness and information strategy regarding community beautification issues and practices; 2) incentive and public recognition programs promoting neighborhood and individual property improvement and beautification; 3) developing written educational materials on community beautification topics and informational programs for specific audiences; and, 4) coordinating city-sponsored beautification efforts with other community groups and local businesses.

Membership Information

This Commission shall consist of seven members who shall serve without compensation. Members shall be appointed by the City Council and shall be appointed for four year overlapping terms after the initial appointment of two for two years and two for three years and three serving for four years. The Commission will designate one of their members as Chairman. Members are not restricted from serving on other boards. Missing three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings represents a resignation. Four (4) members constitute a quorum. Larry Kaufman works with this Commission. Meetings are 2nd Wednesdays at 4p.m., in Conference Room D.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Allinder, Barbara6/15/2017
Bradley, CherylChairperson6/15/2018
DeBoard, Virginia6/15/2017
Dierking, Marilyn6/15/2019
Powell, Debra6/15/2019
Shearer, Jackie L.6/15/2019
Smith, Gloria6/15/2018

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