City of Independence, Missouri

Citizen Advisory Committee on Solid Waste Management


The duties of this committee are to become familiar with the MARC Solid Waste Management District Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, research the options available to the City on solid waste management, waste reduction and recycling, making recommendations, and report these recommendations to the City Council for consideration. They are authorized to solicit funds.

Membership Information

The City Council appoints seven members to serve for three year terms after beginning with two for one year, two for two years and three for three years. The Committee will select its own chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and any other officers they deem appropriate. Any member who misses four meetings in one year or three consecutive meetings will be replaced.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Ferguson, Virginia8/16/2019
Kennedy, Maureen8/16/2018
Lowrey, BruceChair8/16/2018
McGraw, Dan8/16/2020
Ramsey, Danny8/16/2019
Stuck, Rodric C.8/16/2018

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