City of Independence, Missouri

Citizens With Disabilities Advisory Board


This Board is to serve as a resource in complying with regulations prohibiting discrimination against persons with disabilities or establishing accessibility requirements; to receive, hear and investigate complaints; to foster understanding regarding the rights and needs of persons with disabilities; to recommend legislation; to make recommendations to the Council; to conduct public hearings and other meetings; to report to the Council at least annually; and to cooperate with Federal, State, local and other public or private agencies, etc., in efforts to prevent or eliminate discrimination against persons with disabilities.

Membership Information

The Board will consist of nine members who shall serve without compensation. Eight of the members shall be appointed by the City Council and be broadly representative of persons with disabilities and those agencies and persons who work with the disabled. One member shall be a representative of City management, appointed by the City Manager. Four members will constitute a quorum. The Board will select a Chairman and may select a vice-chairman and a secretary. After establishment of staggered terms, the term of appointment shall be for three years.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Coppoc, Mike12/1/2019
Frank, Sheryl12/1/2019
Hudson, Virginia12/1/2020
Mayes, Margaret12/1/2021
Sutherland, Hedda12/1/2018
Vacant due to resignation1/1/2019
Vacant due to resignation12/1/2020
Woolsey, Randy L.12/1/2018

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