City of Independence, Missouri

Audit and Finance Committee


This Audit and Finance Committee advises to the Council and reviews financial information, checks the accounting control systems and City asset safeguards, oversees the audit functions, insures the auditors' recommendations are implemented, evaluates the financial management systems of the City, reviews and makes recommendations on G.O. and Revenue Bonds, and provides an effective communication link between the independent auditor and the City Council.

Membership Information

This Committee was established for two year terms for three Councilmembers, with those first terms expiring June 30, 1988. The Council designates the person to be Chair. This is a 3-person committee. A quarterly meeting schedule; Council discussion of appointments and items to be reviewed by the Committee were clarified in Resolution No. 5723.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Councilmember John Perkins6/30/2020
Councilmember Karen DeLuccie6/30/2020
Councilmember Scott Roberson6/30/2020
Councilmember Tom Van CampAlternate MemberAlternate Member
Mayor Eileen WeirAlternate MemberAlternate Member

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