City of Independence, Missouri

Board of Adjustment


The duties of this Board are to hear and determine appeals from orders, requirements and decisions of administrative officers relating to enforcement of zoning regulations, and to hear and determine applications for variances from strict application to zoning regulations.

Membership Information

The City Council shall appoint five members, each to five (5) year terms, to expire July 1. There shall also be three (3) alternate members to serve for five (5) year terms expiring July 1.


NameTitleCategoryExpiration Date
Browne, RoyVice-Chair7/1/2020
Jones, Robert H.Chair7/1/2021
Layman, Jack J.7/1/2023
Ogle, Gene7/1/2020
Watkins, Tim7/1/2022
Davies, John T.AlternateAlternate Member7/1/2021
Hart, Dr. DennisAlternateAlternate Member7/1/2021
Sunderland, DanAlternateAlternate Member7/1/2020

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